Noodles the iguana was actually a he, not a she. He grew to over five foot long and was calmer than when he was young (I still have the scars from the early years, look like I've been playing with knives)--yet still fiesty when hot and hungry. A real character and someone I'll never forget.

So in late 2005, after a lot of thought, I decided that with all the travel I do for work, I wasn't able to spend as much time with him as he deserved. So I gave him up for pet adoption... and a nice lady who works at a local pet store adopted him within minutes of the advertisement being published. She already had a same-age female iguana and was looking for a male... So off Noodles went to a happy new home.

I miss him, but I don't miss cleaning out his water bowl (AKA Iguana Toilet) after it had been sitting in the sun...

Here's some older stuff about Noodles The Giant Green Iguana!

Meet Noodles the iguana during her first week in her new home, in February 2001. Just a few months later--July 2001--see how she's grown. She now has her own outdoor sunning cage, originally an old children's playhouse. She has her own mister for when it gets really really hot.

October 2001: a new indoors home. Noodles is too big for her aquarium, and it was boring, with nowhere to climb. So here is the multistorey iguana house, complete with sunlamps and swimming pool!

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I still have the tarantula...

Ermizhad the Chilean Rose tarantula Meet Ermizhad the Chilean Rose Tarantula

Ermizhad -- or "spider" for short -- has a new skin. She left her old one lying around to surprise me... now I do the same, it's sitting on top of one of the cupboards, waiting to scare you...

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