Noodles' new indoor home, October 2001

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This is Noodle's new indoor home. She's just about grown out of the 5' aquarium, and anyway she prefers to climb. This is a parrot cage put to another use... there are different levels, so that she can choose to be nearer or further from the "sun"... don't ask my why she likes to lie in her food, but she does...

The basking platforms can be moved up or down, they just slide between the cage bars. The climbing bars are a tree branch and some broomhandles covered in astroturf.

Noodles still prefers to be hand-fed and isn't very interested in looking for food if it isn't found right under her nose. Her favourite dishes are nastursium flowers and leaves. And red grapes. And cantaloupe melon. She can find a sliver of melon hidden in a heap of good green stuff, eat the melon and ignore the rest.