A few portraits...

We met her at the waterside in Dahab, in the Sinai, on the edge of the red sea. She and her bedouin sisters make bracelets from coloured thread to sell to the tourists.
Or to play backgammon for...

Here, she was sulking because she'd just been beaten again, and now owed my sister seven bracelets

Karli after receiving her breakfast, in Dahab. Just wanted a light start to the day...
He kept a stall in Jaffa's souk; dark passages full of brightly-coloured clothes, genuine bedouin jewellery and earings made-in-China, pots-and-pans and carpets and charms and Jerusalem blue-and-white pottery
Jorge Strunz, of Strunz and Farah. Amazing latin guitarists. Listen to them... this was my first-ever concert photo

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Calvin Russell, from a concert given during Grenoble Jazz Festival. Bet it was the first time his music had been called Jazz.

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James "Blood" Ulmer... Grenoble Jazz Festival

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