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  • FFKAMA: the French federation, ruling body of karate and related martial arts
  • Tamas Weber (9th dan) and Toshio Kaneta (10th dan), May 1999
  • After training at Sassenage: an experiment with a digital camera

    Department of Isere kata competition, January 2000

    Weekend training camp near Grenoble, summer 1998

    Left to right, standing: Manu, Jo, Pascal, Salvator, ?, Michele, Sam, Tamas (with red/black belt), Alain, ?, ?, Sandrine, Alison, ?

    Left to right, kneeling: Thierry, Davide-from-Strasbourg, Gerard, Sabine, ?

    (Apologies for the ??? !)

    See below for more about training with Tamas... and the Israelis

    My teachers in Grenoble

    During Patrick McCarthy's visit to Grenoble
    On the left, Philippe Giaconne... on the right, Rene Garat. We train in Shito-ryu karate.
    I'm in the middle next to Patrick McCarthy, he's the one with the beard.



    Training with the Israelis

    Granville sunset
    I first met Effi Scheyen, Israel, Amihai, and the rest of the gang from Israel at a training camp with Tamas Weber in Granville, in the north of France. Thank you, Tamas!

    Tamas demonstrating a technique, Rene is the victim

    Itzik Cohen and Effi

    Tamas and Josef
    Tamas and Josef



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