A passage to India

People said that going to India would change my life. They were right. In the most unexpected of ways...

It was as if someone took a bright light and shone it into all of the dark corners of my life, exposing the all the things I'd never wanted to see... but that's another story.

These are just pictures.

Ahmednagar, near Pune, India
Yusuf Jeepwalla. The man who drove us up from Bombay on a mountainous, monsoon-running road... who reversed half-a-mile on the "main" road to show us a cobra, coiled flat and dry, run over while asleep... whose wife Jamila fed us curry and chapatis and sweet desserts, all cooked over a primus stove... who told us of the night he woke, thinking Jamila was trying to wake him by tapping on his back, when all the time it was a young cobra, swaying hypnotised, bumping its nose against Yusuf's spine...
Yusuf's breakfast

China Doll and her father

Local boys and Yusyf Jeepwalla's jeep
Washing-up, Indian-style, outside Yusuf's house
Walking in the streets of Ahmednagar
School at Meherabad

The Meher Baba Assocation fund this school for the local children

Mohammed, Meherabad
Jade, Dylan and Karli, Yusuf's outside bed, and puppies from the street
Dylan and I near the railway line, Meherabad
Returning home from a day's work
Feeding the waterbuffalo
Children everywhere... working, playing, watching...

All text and images copyright Alison Toon.