On the streets of Beijing

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The streets of Beijing, full of people, cars, trucks, and a million or two bicycles. Much construction; new offices, street-work, men sleeping on the building-sites to wake up at work; families of one child, so precious it shines as they hold hands in the street

Tiannamon Square,
no kites today


and cars

Houses and streets and shops

Strange fruit

I once had a book of round-the-world fairy tales, with a story of magic gourds growing on a roof. Now I've seen them... waited and waited for them to open and reveal the silk and golden treasures and the army of fighting men, but I guess it was too early, the gourds haven't ripened yet
50 percent of Beijing's population still live in the traditional Hutong houses; one-floor homes built around a central courtyard; doorways from the streets and alleys of a traditional form

Anything and everything can and is transported by bicycle

Choose a can, any can...

The yellow-and-green wastebins have replaced baskets, but only in the business areas... Coca-Cola is worldwide... signs and notices, some recognisable, some not

One side is for recycling, one is not. Which?

Yellow is the colour of the Emperor, so who is this?

A street map in Chinese and English, and sign language, banknotes and smiles and grimaces... you can get by...
No the whole world does not speak English. Didn't you know?

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