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Here's the family photo album. I'm using software called JetPhoto to manage my albums... and starting to become familiar with my new Canon 30D camera.


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Alison's blog--a few comments on life on Long Island, restoring home and garden, watching the wildlife

The family tree: Toon, Carvell, Bonnett, Riley, Frost, Cook, Walker, Mountney, Gask, Hughes, Ellis, Spittles, Nicholls... and many more. Mostly from Leicstershire, England, but also Pembrokeshire, Kent, and Canada.

Another version of the family tree (different style of publishing). And with links to some old photographs and the family tree guestbook.

If you are looking for Noodles the iguana, and Ermizhad the Chilean Rose Tarantuala, I've put them on another page.

The American Picture -- couldn't resist!

All of the older writing, pictures, and everything else still exists, click here. If you notice any broken links, please send info and insults to my email address

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